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Steve Frame
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Oct 10 2007, 08:35 PM
I HATE TODD I HATE TODD I HATE TODD!#!!!!!! God that man is unbearable. I just want to strangle the life out of him. DAMMIT I HATE HIM SO MUCH!!!!!

He wants to accuse the lawyer of being in on it? And if he had lost, I could've seen him kidnapping the kid too. And calling Marcie insane...like he has a lot of room to talk. Felon or not, I'm on Marcie's side 100%.

Maybe Todd needs to get raped and put on the execution table again so that he can learn what it's like to feel an emotion other than hatred. :angry: :angry:

I haven't seen today's show yet. Going to watch it later tonight.

But after the way he acted on yesterday's show, my Todd hate is back in 100% full force. I have always hated him but it lessened until yesterday. I couldn't believe the way he treated Michael when they were trying to get Marcie to open the door.

He is such a pompous ass.

The biggest complaint I have about the show and I know this time it is more Erika being off, but for several years now Vicki has not been there for Todd in so many times when she would have normally been there.

Her not being there again is such a big omission. Vicki is loyal and faithful to Todd when no one else is. It just seems so funny not to see her.
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