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Oct 11 2007, 12:07 AM
Oct 10 2007, 02:45 PM
I just want to know why being from another country gets you a free pass to break the rules?

You know I wondered the same damn thing myself. When you come to a foregin country learn the law of the land... or at the very least have the common sense not to flounch around naked at a STATE PARK!

I bet if she went to London and was running around Big Ben naked, she sould have been sent to jail lmao ;)

In their defense, one of the girls I know lives in the area and you don't even really know it's a state park and it is a completely isolated area. In his interview James said there was no one around for miles "except a guy with a set of binoculars looking for people doing something wrong." I likened it to being in Joshua Tree, technically a state park but you can walk for days and never see another sole. State Park just means a patch of land maintained by the state and not privately owned. It's a far, far cry different than running around Big Ben.
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