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SOW: What was your first reaction to this turn in the triangle?

AS: It reminds me of one of my favorites storylines, which is why I started watching Days in the first place. It was when Jennifer had to marry Laurence Alamain to save Carly. I 'loved' that story. It was well written, romantic and fun. It will be interesting to see if there are little hints of that in this story.

BD: Did you just call me Matthew Ashford? [ex-Jack]

AS: Maybe a little, and it's a compliment. I had pictures of him and Melissa Reeves [ex-Jennifer] on my notebook when I was in school. A huge picture of Jack and Jennifer.

SOW: So Ali you relish turning into Jennifer?

AS: That would be freakin' cool for me!

SOW: James, did you ever feel like the odd man out in this triangle, since Ali and Bryan have been working together for so long?

JS: Whenever you come into a new show and you're working with people who have been there for 15 years, you're going to feel like the odd man out. But, on the other side, I never seen the show and came from another country. So the lineage and relationship are something I don't know a lot about. In that sense, it was easier.

SOW: Ali and Bryan, did you do anything to welcome James into the fold?

BD: I gave him mouth to mouth. But that's how I welcome everyone. [laughs]

JS: That had been building for a long time.

BD: I don't think we've been the same sense.

AS: This show gives a nice, warm welcome to all the new guys by making them constantly nude. That was certainly as awkward intro; "Hi, James, nice to meet you. Now take your clothes off," it was his first scene.

SOW: Bryan, do you feel like the loser at love, now that Sami has decided to leave Lucas and marry EJ?

BD: I'm used to the triangle scenario with Sami and Lucas. That's something I've been through many times.

AS: There has been a lot. Someone, Austin, someone else, and then Austin.

BD: I've had a few other women triangles but they're like...

AS: ... Cheap, tawdry sluts that Sami gets rid of.

BD: My chicks last two or three months. Her dudes last a lot longer, like a year.

AS: Until I wear them out. [To Scott] Don't be alarmed.

JS: Not a all, darling.

SOW: It's too bad Sami, Lucas and EJ couldn't all just move in together, like on 'Big Love,'

AS: Oh, God! That's a great idea. Everybody wins, well, I mean Sami wins.

JS: I don't know how they can resolve the situation. I don't think EJ and Lucas can share her. It's a very difficult situation. There is going to be no happy ending for somebody.

AS: That's the good part. I hope it doesn't get resolved right away. There's a lot more left to play in terms of the relationships Sami has with both EJ and Lucas.

BD: There's only one solution for resolving a triangle, and that is to be mathematic and make the triangle a square. Bring in a hooch for old Luke and everything is fine.

SOW: Who would you like to see brought in for Lucas?

BD: Jennifer Love Hewitt would be my first choice. It has to be a new character. The canvas is blank.

AS: So Lucas is not willing to fight for Sami?

BD: Yeah, he is. He's definitely to fight for Sami, but to a point. He's got to save his dignity.

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