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Steve Frame
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Give JP credit for one thing.

She sure can destroy a character and make you hate them. She is turning Holden into a character I don't know. Sure he has a right to be upset to a certain degree but JP always takes the things the core characters say in arguments to the ultimate degree of hurt.

I can't believe so many times the things they have Jack say to Carly. And now Holden to Lily. It is totally ridiculous. Sure Lily and Carly make mistakes but it is no reason for Jack and Holden to turn into pompous sons-o-bitches.

I have totally hated Holden in this and I should feel a little sorry for him that his wife has made mistakes that have hurt him. But I don't.

It goes back to what PJ said last week - all this reminds me exactly as she said that JP just keeps writing the same story for each couple. The way Holden is acting it is so apparent. This time I bet anything Lily will turn to Dusty (like Carly did to the Aussie) and then Holden will move on with some other little tramp in town. Could he be the one who is there to pick up Katie's broken heart. LOL

On the Luke/Noah front, I am still very disappointed in this new development but appreciate the drama it is causing - even though it is a very poor writing choice. It does answer one question I had or thought I had. I wondered what they would do to keep Luke and Noah out of bed with one another. Men naturally move to sex quicker than your typical heterosexual couple. I know that overall they are getting good feedback over the relationship but sex is a big step that the network is probably still antsy about. By making Luke not function below the waste they don't have to worry about it for awhile.
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