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Oct 11 2007, 08:21 PM
Can the first shot be Lucas's big fat mouth? After someone schools him on the term vEndetta, of course.

And if HS has only been throwing ejami bones, they sure have tons of meat on them. All I see of Lumi is an unemployed, yapping, chest beating loudmouth and a kowtowing, obsequious Sami. Nevermind all the things Sami has omitted telling her twu wub!!! HS's Sami who is shackled to Lucas is nothing like the Sami most people love. She is at least feisty and cunning around EJ.

If HS wants to tell a story he needs to pick one and stop trying to straddle some imaginary fence. It is foul and it is what is wrong what we are seeing.

Hopefully things will be resolved soon.

quite correct cindy ..and this is the only part of the show with any flavor..so the bones beat the table scraps the lumi fans have been fed since april in terms of story line and scenes.
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