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After all... tomorrow is another day!

Oct 11 2007, 07:30 PM
HS has obviously been throwing bones to Ejami fans but the basic paremeters of the two stories (rape, coerced marriage, threats to family members) are the same. It's definitely far less of a stretch than the John/Marlena/Roman analogy.

OK, as others pointed out, if EJami fans are just getting bones from HS what are Lumi fans getting exactly? Really meaty offscreen 8 months pregnant imagined hospital shower sex? Really meaty honeymoon scenes involving industrial labor with no bed where the groom is reduced to spying on his wife while she seeks out a private conversation with the man she accused of raping her?

I personally think both fanbases are being fed a lot of carp, but that's just me. LOL.

And Tim, I never said you said it was exactly the same. You said the storyline giving off that Laurence/Jennifer vibe wasn't a bad thing.

I disagree with the idea that this is not a bad thing given the reasons I stated that if the storyline is giving off or supposed to give off a Laurence/Jennifer vibe to you because it is not giving off that vibe THE WHOLE TIME and often gives off just the opposite vibe depending on what that particular episode's plot dictates and whether that particular scriptwriter's dialogue shows them to be partial to EJami or Lumi.
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