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How sad. If the fifteen people on this list are the real movers and shakers in daytime, then the true fans of the soap genre will be totally screwed in the furture. I understand putting Hansis and Silbermann on the list but Kim Zimmer should not be on that list. She's a hack actress on a low rated soap who has indulged herself with too many questionable storylines such as the clone and time travel storylines. GL survived decades without Ms. Zimmer and it can survive without her in the furture. That is if there is a future for ATWT and GL past 2008!!! According to rumors I've seen on the Datalounge website and heard on the streets of Cincinnati, Pat Gentile of P&G wants to cancell both ATWT and GL in September of 2008. Supposedly, ATWT's Ellen Dolan and Micheal Park have been lobbying the CBS network to buy the rights of ATWT from P&G. If anyone has power in daytime, it's Pat Gentile of PGP Productions and not an actress like Kim Zimmer. The fate of AS THE WORLD TURNS and GUIDING LIGHT just may be in Gentile's hands.
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