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October 11, 2007 - Thursday

My first week taping...

Well I'm pooped. :-D I just taped 11 episodes in 4 days. I've never done that many in a week before. My first day was last Friday (the 5th) and I only did half a show that day. So now that I've worked there for 5 days I feel like I've experienced enough to share how my new job is going. Which is...GREAT! I'm almost a bit blown away at how nice everyone is! The welcome I have recieved is beyond warm. I would say scolding hot. The cast and crew at "One Live to Live" are amazing. I just have to get that out there! Even though I had so much material this week it was a blast. Erika Slezak is ridiculous! In a good way!!!!! I've never met an actor who is so on the ball. She doesn't even so much as glance at her script and every take she's in, she nails. It's been such an honor to work with her. I'm just trying to keep up!

As for my character, "Gigi"...she's a lot of fun to play. I will go ahead and say she's similar to "Mimi" in the sense they're both funny. "Gigi" doesn't have the insecurities that "Meems" had though. She's much stronger. I'm trying hard to play them differently but it's tough 'cause they're written a bit alike.
My storyline is great. There's a lot of mystery surrounding "Gigi". I can't wait to see how everything pans out :-P

As for living in New York...I'm loving it! It's so different than anything I'm used to. There's so much to look at and so many places to go. And I tackled one of my greatest fears...learning the subway!

Last but not least I would just like to thank Alison Sweeney for making my first day at work extra special! She made a tape for me and had all the "Days" cast & crew on it wishing me luck! I was shocked...it was SO thoughtful! But first she kind of "punked" me...you can see the prank on www.soapoperadigest.com

Were only a week and half away!! yay!

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