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Oct 11 2007, 05:48 PM
Oct 11 2007, 05:21 PM

I get the Lawrence/Jennifer vibe.  That's not really a bad thing IMO.

If this is supposed to be a Jennifer/Laurence thing with EJami then they're doing it wrong. Sami shouldn't be letting EJ kiss her, she shouldn't be lying to Lucas about her alone time with EJ, she shouldn't be fantasizing about him when she's alone, the show shouldn't have people talk about the two of them being fated together, they shouldn't have based a 50-year-old love story around their lookalikes.

I love that Ali is a fangeek too but if Ali is playing this as if EJ is the Laurence to her Jennifer then that explains A LOT about what is so damn fucked up about this storyline because they sure as hell haven't been writing it that way the whole time from May on and that's certainly not how this story started between the characters.

I also hate the idea of Sami turning into Jennifer. Kate has been turned into a pathetic whore again and Sami is an emotional basketcase doormat for her family and Lucas so if they are going with that can we bring Nicole or Vivian back so we can have some badass bitch in this place again?

Fantastic post, Mary. I always love your take on Days. :D

I couldn't agree with you more—especially about Sami turning into Jennifer. Yeesh, what a horrid thought. I always floved Jack and Jennifer, but Sami is just not supposed to be that kind of character. She was always the feisty scheming-to-get-what-she-wants little bitch (which involved doing some very bad things—i.e., drugging/raping Austin), an anti-heroine, the anti-Brady. *sigh* Why can't Sheffer seem to grasp that?

And OMG YES, this show needs to bring back Vivian Alamain and/or Nicole Walker ASAP. I would love to see one of those badass bitches in Salem again. Preferably Vivian. I loved that character so much. She was always so good at making trouble for Kate, too. LMAO The best was when Kate ended up on that fishing boat. And burying Carly alive!! Man... Louise Sorel as Vivian Alamain is sorely missed on Days of Our Lives. :(
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