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Well, actually, Lucas is a Horton and he is more of a real Days character than a newly comeuppance foreigner. I think EJ has to go and the sooner the better. Days started dropping as soon as it was apparent that Sami was going to come under his spell. Major mistake. James Scott is a good actor and a good-looking one with charisma. He could have had a story that would have been invigorating and shot him to superstardom but instead he was put into a loathsome position with LUMI fans. He could have been an excellent hero type. What a waste. With a name of DiMera and the wretched personality he has, I don't know if he can be redeemed so that is why I think he should just go.

Back on topic of Drake. I see no reason to have a fake death with rating in the gutter. Personally, I'm sick to death of fake anything or misleading anything. Give us a story with a sweet and good ending in sight and reward us with watching it happen...for a change.

And as far as having characters that the viewers can relate, to.....I relate to Belle. She is more my style, now that she has taken charge of her life.
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