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And while I'm on the subject of hair...

I've been praying for Alison Sweeney to go back to her natural blonde color for what seems like ages now. She's always had such gorgeous, thick hair, but this platinum blonde is way too light for her, IMO. It drowns out her face because it washes her out so badly.

Anytime I see her in a scene, my attention goes directly to that sharp, platinum blonde hair rather than the scene itself and I'm assuming that's not what the DAYS powers-that-be want, LoL

This shade of blonde is what suits her best, IMO. Not the current Pamela Anderson bimbo blonde color.

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I miss these looks on her from when she was younger!

I like these looks on her.

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Posted Image

Posted Image

At the time, I hated the strawberry blonde/red look, but looking back on it... I sort of enjoy it!

Here's a shot from her very first episode.

Posted Image Posted Image
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