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After all... tomorrow is another day!

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Will ‘Days of our Sami’ be the death of ‘Days of our Lives’?

Note: Some spoilers discussed in this column.

Who else is sick of The Sami Show?

I remember the first time I saw that question posed on a “Days of our Lives” message board sometime last spring and I was pissed. Bitter, jealous fans, I thought, of the people decrying the increased airtime for Samantha Brady while their previously front and center faves took a turn on the backburner.

Back then, I felt like it was Alison Sweeney’s time to shine on this soap and given that Sami Brady has been my favorite female character on “Days” for the last ten years or so, I was pleased by the development.

I still think it makes sense to give the actress and the character of Sami Brady a great deal of airtime given her popularity and the fact that both Ali and Sami are in the prime of their soap lives. But after what we’ve gotten this year and the storyline spoilers on the horizon I am starting to wonder if TPTB have ever heard of the expression that there can be too much of a good thing.

It would be one thing if Sami was sucking up all this airtime where she was actually doing something besides crying and whining and crying some more, if she was scheming or fighting or working or loving, but for the most part all we get are redundant, mind-numbing, soul-draining conversations and tears. Tears about what the DiMeras have done to her family and what they might do in the future. Tears about the future of her relationship with Lucas and the fate of her babies. Tears about the unwanted feelings she’s developing for E.J. I just want to send Hogan Sheffer cases upon cases of Johnson & Johnson baby shampoo so maybe he’ll get the message that the fans are sick of it and would like No More Tears! Because the storyline for Sami right now is driving ME to tears.

And I don’t know ANYONE who is enjoying the way Sami Brady is being written right now or her storyline. If you’re reading this and you are enjoying it, please speak up and tell me why, because I’m just not seeing it on the boards and I know as a Sami fan I’m not caring for it much but I would like to like it.

It appears that fans that have invested in either Lumi or EJami are both frustrated with how fickle and bipolar Sami is acting in her relationships with Lucas and E.J. in that one minute she is telling Lucas their relationship means everything to her and swearing she hates E.J. with every fiber of her being, while the next she is making excuses to spend time with E.J. and sharing private moments with him about which she lies and tries to keep secret from Lucas. Is this being written as a love triangle or a love tug of war?

Sami fans with no stake in either couple also seem quite bored with this storyline it seems, and many would just like to see her move on with either man so this show can just finally move forward and we can see something new. There’s also the matter of Hogan having “redeemed” Sami by making her naïve, trapped in an impossible situation, routinely victimized and dead-set on martyring herself for the people she loves to gain their approval in weepy heroine mode rather than scheming to get what she wants from others like the badass bitch she once was that seems to be a disappointment to many Sami fans.

Then there’s the Sami haters who either just never really cared about her much because they didn’t find her interesting or came to despise her because of the horrible things she has done to their favorites including Kate, John, Marlena, Carrie, Austin and even Lucas and E.J. In a way, all of these characters have been sacrificed on the altar of Sami in the past year. Kate has been reduced to a pathetic whore for Stefano again and lost her company because Sami’s relationship with E.J. made Lucas so jealous he let the SEC go after his mother (after she had already been humiliated with cake in her face and sprayed by a fire extinguisher also for Sami’s sake). John is a literal speed bump for TPTB’s plans for Sami as the catalyst to cause Sami to leave Lucas for E.J. and Marlena has to lose her husband because of it. Carrie and Austin had to be quickly written out and sent away to allow for the haphazard and unbelievably quick Lucas and Sami reunion. Lucas has often been made to look aloof, stupid, pathetic, immature, possessive and weak when it suits the whims of the show’s writers to accomplish its plot for Sami and to make E.J. look better in comparison, while E.J. also gets painted with the bipolar paintbrush as pathetically, desperately and dangerously in love with Sami when the storyline calls for him to look psycho and evil to prop Lucas and Sami. If I’m a Sami fan and I’m sick of The Sami Show, I can’t even imagine how tedious this is for the people who aren’t fans of her.

Hopefully, November sweeps will bring some sort of resolution to “Days of our Sami” and the show will no longer be held hostage by her love life, because if the soap doesn’t move on and give us new storylines I really fear that E.J./Sami/Lucas is the Bermuda Triangle of “Days.”

And that means the cancellation of The Sami Show in 2009 or sooner.



This week in Salem:

Performer of the week – Frank Parker (Grandpa Shawn) … Wow. Did anyone have any idea when this storyline started how awesome he would be? I sure didn’t. Even if it pissed me off that he was such a wimp about not pulling the plug on Andre himself, I thought Frank did an outstanding job playing Shawn’s conflict about what to do and trying to make sense of what had happened. His scenes with Bo and especially Stefano were great, too.

Episode of the week – Friday … It’s been a long time since an episode of “Days of our Lives” made me feel as much as that one did. All of the performances were outstanding, Mike Cohen’s script was top notch, Ed Scott’s production touch in terms of the direction and the location were welcome and the dramatic impact of it all made it the best cliffhanger Friday I can remember in years.

Scene of the week – John and Marlena before and after the car crash (Friday) ... John broke my heart throughout this episode, but I was really impressed with John and Marlena and wasn’t sure what to expect from them quite honestly when it’s been so long since we’ve seen them do anything besides vapidly suck face or read letters. The light and playful flirtatious banter of John and Marlena as they tried to get Belle’s car unlocked was welcome and well-done, as was the execution of the car crash and its heart-wrenching aftermath.

Couple of the week – E.J. and Sami … Even if bipolar Sami and psycho E.J. surfacing again was annoying, these two shined bright on Monday. The bickerflirting argument as Sami mopped over his feet leading to her venting to hope while E.J. confided in Tony was fun to see. And that declaration of love, promise to lie to his father for her sake and the kiss on the cheek as the Santeen theme played in the background? Swoon.

Salem stooge of the week – The Brady family … That pep rally at the Brady Pub for Sami was so ridiculous. Why exactly are you Bradys so convinced Stefano is powerless right after you find out he is able to secure a church annulment for Lucas and Sami in one day’s time? Why are you Bradys convinced that Andre and Stefano dying will solve all your problems, even though both men have come back from the dead multiple times? What the hell is Caroline putting in clam chowder to make the Bradys so damn stupid and short-sighted? Then again, I don’t know if I can even pin it on that when they are so full of themselves and their moral superiority in comparison to the DiMeras, I can’t imagine anyone in that family needs to eat.

Scene-stealer of the week – Stefano’s motorized wheelchair … Love it or hate it – don’t tell me you’re not noticing it.

Line of the week – John (Friday) … “That’s a fact.”
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