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:cheers: Cheers to you and fantastic observations. I for one don't even recognize the character of Sami anymore. Sami wouldn't not be giving in to this marriage. She would be figuring out a way to make EJ happy while staying married to Lucas. I always remember watching Sami knowing she was scheming and things at some point were going to be out of her control but still felt for her. I still wanted to watch knowing that it was going to blow up in her face.

Sami isn't the only character that I just don't get anymore. Lucas has become the nagging father telling Sami "no". You never know which EJ you are going to get on a given day. Then there is Belle who I am now suppose to believe Belle had these underlying feelings for Philip she just can't fight anymore. I am suppose to believe that after she was already married to Philip where every day she whined about not being with Shawn that now she is with Shawn she really wants to be with Philip. Princess Belle wants her cake and eat it too.

I know for me probably after next week, I don't know if I will be watching the show anymore. Right now the only reason I could watch is because my DVR records it for me. I am actually thinking of taking it off my DVR instead of taking the energy to delete this junk every day when I don't bother to watch it. My following of the show will online because reading spoilers and previews online will tell me enough of what is going on so that if this show does improve maybe I can tune in again.
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