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After all... tomorrow is another day!

Travis was great, but DOOL does need more women in the 25-35 age range so with Travis not winning I think Ashlee or Jimena winning is the next best thing.

At this point I like Jimena better, although that may be just because I'm afraid if Ashlee wins they'll pair her with Jett and I want him GONE GONE GONE!

But I adore Tanya Boyd/Celeste so if they brought on Ashlee as a half-sister of Lexie and daughter of Celeste and give them both stories this way I would FLOVE that. You are right that Jimena could have a hard time fitting on "Days" but if it forces the show to write someone who is not a Brady, Horton, Carver or a DiMera that could be a very good thing. I could deal with them making her Chloe's friend who comes with her back to Salem and is her roommate, EJ's ex-girlfriend back in town to cause trouble and/or a model who goes to work at Countess Wilhelmina or Basic Black (if those companies still exist). Or they could restart Tony and Anna DiMera designs and she could be a model there. That could be all kinds of awesome if they made an excuse to solidify Tony and Anna's places on the canvas more (I know it's futile, but I refuse to give up my pipe dream that the show will actually wise up and give Leann Hunley a story).

Really though I hope whichever wins they at least explore whether BD can spark with the girl because the EJamucas crap needs to end yesterday.

My biggest fear though is that whichever girl wins that Hogan will go back to his misogynist well and make the character an ex-hooker or porn star since I don't think he's introduced a single new female character during his term who didn't have a hooker past or present.

I am glad that Yves didn't make it because I know I would have hated his character no matter who he played because of the episode where Travis got eliminated instead of him for really bullshit reasons.

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