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Great column Mary.

I understand the passing of the torch concept. It is a given, but this whole year, starting with the arrival of HS, has been an exercise is frustration. I do think that somehow HS has these ideas in his head for stories and then he changes, morphs the characters to fit the stories. That is something else we have seen more than once, but his problem is he seems to ignore so much show history, characters history and has utterly failed to realize just what in his characters the audience loves. Sami is the the best example but EJ is another. There have been improvements in some characters, for example Steffy, but overall the characters I really love and tune in to see, he has massacred. When you add in the fact that what he thinks is so great is a big stink bomb with lots of the audience, it is a recipe for the erosion of veiwers we have witnessed.

One other gripe is the seeming reluctance of this show to choose a story and go for broke with it. The one glaring exception-Touch My Thighs-aka Viva Las Vegas Hot Tub. That tripe lasted all summer at the expense of the promised riveting DiMera/Brady feud. Hello, HS that mess was a "b" story at best. Go for a sl or flush it. Just pick. I hate being jerked around more than anything.
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