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I am very happy it's two girls and both have talent. I can see Ashley as a Virginia from Sunset type character. She has a villainess quality about her IMO. However, Jimena has brought it every week. She is serious about the craft and puts her all into every scene. She has a diva attitude at times but if she puts 100% forward all the time then she is someone I want around. Plus, she has that exotic quality and that would be unique on Days. She could fit nicely into the upper 20's crowd.

Yves was horrible but, while I know I am in the minority, I saw no problem with what Hogan or MBE said. Yes, it's why soaps are the way they are but this has been the case in daytime long before this. How many actors got by on their looks in soaps over the years? Camerone Mathison, Drake Hogestyn, Austin Peck, Ronn Moss, etc. It's been happening long before. These guys have some talent, like Yves, but it's mostly a look issue. Sadly, what Hogan said was right for about more then half the audience. All of us on boards like this may want talent but there are those fangirls that want their beefcake and don't give a damn about talent whatsoever and that has been the case for at least ten years.

It's the wrong thinking but Hogan and MBE were alluding to something that has been a daytime fact for years. Looks mean alot. Yes, too much emphasis is put on them now but there has always been a strong emphasis . I think it's just some are so frustrated with Hogan that if he looks the wrong way people are going to get on his case. I see why the comments are upsetting but it's been like this for years and it isn't going to change.
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