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It was a very good episode.

I am with you IMA. I thought the sorority story brought something light to the table. Usually you get that with any show when something tragic happens. You need to balance it with something pleasant and that happened today. The best thing was it wasn't featured a whole lot during the episode. Just enough to balance things. I can't express enough how much I love Morgan. I think she has great potential. Cordy I am on the fence but Ford sucks. Max and Morgan do have good chemistry.

Loved the use of the ambulance and police car. It all felt so real. MM and Dee were fantastic, especially in that last scene. Loved that scene when Miles told Marlena all that was wrong with John while she flashed back to the accident interposed with the monitors and Sami. Awesome work there. Loved seeing Tony and Anna and the history between Tony/John being mentioned. It was nice seeing Tony and Anna's friendship on display but the whole prayer situation made Tony come off harsh. That combined with Anna's comments makes me wonder if Tony's resentment of Stefano will drive him to actually acting more like a Dimera. His scenes with Stefano were great.

I also hope they keep Miles Berman around. Love him.

The EJ/Stefano discussion was good. Love the Marlena stuff coming up now. The pawn talk and the mention of Marlena being stolen by John was interesting. I like how he mentioned the Vendetta may have ended sooner if that hadn't happened. That and the DNA results at the end were good ways of adding intrigue to all this.

I was happy that Lucas/Sami/EJ didn't take too much away from Marlena and Belle. It was just enough and I loved the scene of Sami telling EJ she will marry him. It had a nice dramatic feel to it.

I think this is one of those situations where Marlena will call other relatives once they know more and everything is situated. That will probably be when we get the Eric and Carrie mentions.

Good way to start things up for the week.
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