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i thought it was very good today..ej is of course selfish when it comes to samantha..so i cant fault him for thinking something bad is good for him..he has tried in his own way to fix things..

i also found the sorority stuff to be more suited to a young persons storyline than that silly tsk stuff..this is believable, and ok by me..

the scene of sami taping together the papers with the overtone of the dr giving marlena the news of johns injuries i thought was stellar stuff..it was very much her effort to piece john back together in her mind is what i interpreted it as..but it did not work..and when stef tells ej "so you think"..whoa..maybe ej will find having sami is not as good as the dream..especially if she cant quit the dang bawling..

as one who would love to see stefano and marlena hooked up, we may really get a strange twist...oh i can only hope!
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