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Viewing Single Post From: Strange Days Vol. 5: My Say in Salem
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After all... tomorrow is another day!

Oct 13 2007, 09:57 PM
Love it!

Is this being written as a love triangle or a love tug of war?

Really, it's so very...bad. There's no subtlety in this triangle. There's not even any love, imho, and I long for the day when either they all die bloody, violent deaths or Sami gets her balls back and tells both guys she's not going to be their prize. 'Cause that's how it ultimately comes off to me- EJ wants her because he wants her; Lucas doesn't want to lose to EJ. My girl Sami would be plotting against both of them for that.

Alternatively, or at the same time, she would willingly marry into the Dimera family with the goal of taking them down from the inside out. And she'd do it without consulting her family, because that's how she used to be: stupid, self-centered & wicked. That'd be so much fun to watch- Sami playing EJ (and maybe developing feelings), plotting (maybe with Celeste's help because, well, I love Celeste and she's a schemer too) & living it up in the mansion, while the other Bradys wonder what the hell is wrong with her.

I think it would be a whole different issue if they were playing it more like the sextortion with EJ transformed Sami into this thing that she is. But even then by this point our old vengeful bitch would've returned. So I have no idea what they're plan or purpose is with this, but they could easily turn it around by focusing some attention on Sami the individual. I wouldn't mind her dominating if it were more about her, if that makes sense.

It totally makes sense, PX. And thanks to you and all the people who posted comments on this column.

But ICAM that for as much air time as Sami gets I have no clue who the hell she is right now because the show does such a horrible job explaining and developing her character so I know why she is doing what she is doing and why she is thinking it. I mean she's a pathological liar, or at least has been historically, so I really can't take anything she says at face value and her actions make no sense and she's become just as saccharine sweet and sanctimonious as the Bradys while at the same is just as dumb and desperate for approval as she's always been so I really have a hard time rooting for her now or sympathizing with her when something bad happens to her.
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