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I have little sympathy for the P&G soaps to be blatantly honest. Here is why:

Both are filmed in NY where I went to college. My school has a huge Film/TV program.

I know four people who work/have worked at P&G on the soaps. Three still do. Only one is even slightly talented. He never watched a soap a day in his life before booking the interview with P&G. My one friend (whom I love dearly and who used to give me the Tom Pelphrey scoops last year) is pretty much a flake when it comes to work-wise things. (I love her, but I've worked with her, and she's very flakey.) But she is long gone from there by now. Two of the other kids I know, who are still there, I have heard - with my own ears - trash daytime, but say it's a good place to start out in the industry since it is steady work and "no one wants to work in it" a.k.a. so it's not competitive. (They were hired as interns and moved their way up to jobs on the Production Staff...that's how David Kriezman started.)

Basically, I think the Human Resources people at P&G are morons, and if they too hire morons who think daytime sucks, its shows are doomed. And it sucks two soaps with such history are being fucked over like this, but the idiotic decisions of the people behind the scenes are to blame. GL has been using its Emmy as "proof" they do not suck/there is nothing wrong with the show. This is not at all a surprise to me! But I hope the morons who don't want the jobs in the first place are the first to go.
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