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OH no, It doesn't look very good. :(

I'm with Marlena I don't think I can do this either. I am actually a little glad for the sorority stuff, otherwise I wouldn't have time to wipe my eyes. This is one show that I will be watching again.

Belle asking Marlena what to say was a great moment.
Belle saying she can never forget her daddy. The camera pans away as John kisses Belle on the head; fabulous touch.
How adorable is Claire. Those girls are getting so big. Claire Black???
Caroline’s shock from the news then John asking her “where’s my chowder”

I can't believe I am home alone crying my eyes out. Dang, this was a tear jerker.

I hope EJ stays away from the hospital. I think it is to much for the writers to even have him there. They make me feel they are writting him as a creapy stalker again. Come on HS, EJ is not a crazed stalker.
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