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Dee finally got me when John woke up. That whole exchange with them was so adorable and sad, especially when it got to the point where he realized it was bad and saw through her. He knew she was putting up a front. Good work by both Dee and Drake. Sami/Belle was awesome stuff with the mention of baseball and all. Ali was getting to me too. The LUMI scenes are even sad today because not only is she losing John but also Lucas as well.

The Belle/John private scene was heartbreaking. I was in tears when she gave him a hug and he asked her to make Claire a Cubs fan. Belle begging him not to talk like that...him asking her not to forget him and then getting up slightly to kiss her on the head after she broke down ...and then that last scene. John's goodbye to Claire with everyone looking on...I was a blubbering mess and it takes alot believe me.

I love Max/Morgan. Morgan is one of the best new females in years. Enjoyed Stephanie/Chelsea today too. Really added a much needed levity yet again. Nice way to use Caroline as well. I just love seeing people at the Pub and I love how we had Belle calling Hope at the beginning and Caroline being called and coming with Shawn Sr at the end after telling Max, who told Chelsea and Stephanie. It was just like in real life when people call and being to convene at a deathbed. Well done. It really added to the emotion of it all. Just all the little things...Shawn embracing Marlena...Caroline's reaction, kissing John's hand, and John asking for chowder. They really are playing all the beats.

Fantastic show today. I saw some clips of tomorrow and it looks like we are really in for it tomorrow. Get the tissues ready. God knows I already used them the past two days.
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