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I think it's all one big conspiracy on NBC's part, and the higher ups at NBC want Days cancelled because of it's high production costs.

Supposedly, Sony was the one who stepped in and pushed for Ed Scott. One would think if a network has a show that's in the crapper they would do everything possible to help it out, but not NBC.

I think the reason the idiots at NBC were so adamant about finding a home for Passions is because they knew they would be cancelling DAYS in 2009 and would need something to fill that hour. Passions signed a 2 year contract with DirecTV ending in 2009 and they already have a built in audience (albeit a small one) and the show does well in their coveted 12-17, 12-24, 18-34 demos.

It would be a win win for NBC because DirecTV members who picked up the show would still watch the show on NBC and those who watch online or have no way to watch would be able to watch again.

Also with the numbers continuing to fall for DAYS, they are now lower than Passions yearly averages in 12-17, 18-24 and 18-34 so NBC will have further reasons to cancel the show.

Even though DAYS took pay cuts, it still costs 1.5 million per week to produce.

PSNS after budget cuts costs 700,000 a week to produce.

By bringing back Passions and cancelling DAYS, NBC saves 30 million dollars per year.

And it's not just wishfull thinking from a Passions fan, because I'm fine where it's at. I'm actually preferring the much smaller cast and longer dialogue. It just sounds like something NBC would do.
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