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Oct 16 2007, 05:15 PM
Raymond, if I'm not mistaken (where is Steve when you need him, LOL) September was when NBC could legally say yes we are dropping the show, you need to move it, or no we're not dropping it.

So based on that (and I'm not even sure if it's accurate) NBC could very well dump the show at any time, which is why the Olympic coverage concerns me.

I didn't even think about that...I know Corday said he was able to legally shop the show around in September, but that's probably when the the contract cycle has an "out."

Knowing how successful Olympic Coverage was last time for NBC, there's no way they will be willing to give up that 24-HR coverage for anything, much less DAYS.

Raymond, I never quite understood that.

I know that NBC owned affiliates cannot drop the shows, but can the independant stations drop any show at any time?

I don't work for an affiliate Rick(so, don't take me for gospel here), but it was my understanding that any affiliate(regardless of being owned and operated by NBC or being independently owned) could drop or reschedule a network show anyday, anytime.

I think an NBC Affiliate in San Fran(which was O&O) was one of the first to drop AW from its schedule in the late 90's. And even then, aside from that, stations have been notorious for, in primetime, latenight, and even daytime, dropping a show because of its content. NYPD BLUE in the 90's is a prime example of that...it took years for the Southern Affiliates and their station managers to finally come around about that show. POLITICALLY INCORRECT, after the comment Bill Maher made post-9/11, was either dropped altogether in some markets or shifted to late-night.

NBC, because of the fact that it has a syndication arm, can "suggest" for its affiliates to replace DAYS with a syndie show in August/September '08, because of the ad revenue, etc. NBC is making money off of it...affiliates are making more money off of it than DAYS or any other network soap opera because of the local ad revenue it brings in.

If NBC cancels DAYS, it will keep the affiliates happy by giving the time back, but not without offering up a syndicated NBC offering from its own production company. And lest we forget syndie DEAL OR NO DEAL has gotten station clearance from a lot of affiliates across the country.

There's just lots to consider. I've had the feeling since last year that NBC wouldn't stick with DAYS past the Olympics. I'd like to see me be proven wrong, but not by the show still airing and most of the affiliates not picking up the show.
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