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Oct 16 2007, 08:52 PM
It would be a win win for NBC because DirecTV members who picked up the show would still watch the show on NBC and those who watch online or have no way to watch would be able to watch again.

Wow...that would piss off a LOT of people in daytime to NO END if that happened Rick. Even me...and I'm not even really a fan of DAYS anymore.

Do you really think the suits would want to place PASSIONS back on NBC after DAYS's cancellation?

I'd rather see it offered up in first-run syndication for anyone to grab. I am sure CW, MyNet affiliates or even CBS/ABC affiliates that enjoy younger demos and soaps would want to fulfill their PASSIONS.

And it's not just wishfull thinking from a Passions fan, because I'm fine where it's at. I'm actually preferring the much smaller cast and longer dialogue. It just sounds like something NBC would do.

If PASSIONS did return to network TV, I assume the business model would stay the same or they'd probably air an extra episode on Friday.

And to be honest...I think I posted this in JER's thread, but for the first time in like, a LONG time, when I watched the scene between Eva Tamargo and Liza Huber, I felt like I was actually watching a soap opera. As much as I poke fun at PASSIONS, maybe the move to DirecTV was the shot-in-the-arm JER needed to rise above the production challenges.

Passions signed a 2 year contract with DirecTV ending in 2009 and they already have a built in audience (albeit a small one) and the show does well in their coveted 12-17, 12-24, 18-34 demos.

Reilly prolly had an agreement with NBC stemming back from the development of the show that PASSIONS would have to stay on as long as DAYS did, if not longer. Wouldn't surprise me, but whatever.
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