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Q Steph
Oct 14 2007, 12:31 PM
Oct 14 2007, 03:43 AM
Get the hell out!

That was a scene from PASSIONS?! Really?! It looked like a scene from a (forgive me if I offend) soap opera!

Wow! And Liza Huber is great onscreen these days. She's come such a long way as an actress!

No matter how skewed the writing has been for Gwen, her portrayers have really went to bat for her character in making ehr more vulnerable. Which is why Gwen always gets my vote over Theresa anyday!

I'm so happy that Gwen will be blackmailing this saintly bitch. Pilar needs to shut her mouth and regulate that tramp daughter of hers.

I wish Gwen would move on from that loser Ethan though.

YES! Another Gwen fan! They are SO hard to find!

And I wish she would move on from Ethan too, but in Jimmy Reilly's world, we stay stuck on the same man for 45 years. If I have to choose one, definitely Gwen.
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