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After all... tomorrow is another day!

Oct 16 2007, 11:55 PM
Oh! I don't think that Ashlee will be playing a neice/sister/whatever of Abe and Lexie's.

I mean, think about it. She starts Friday, which means that the scripts and story has already been written and planned. If Jimena had won, it wouldn't have made sense for her to be the neice/sister/whatever of Abe and Lexie, because she's a latino girl, whereas Abe and Lexie are black folks.

So, since it has already been planned and written, I'm thinking that Hogan wrote the part very generalized so that no matter who won, either actress could've jumped into the role and it would've made sense.

It'll probably be a new character, not a recast or anything... and probably not a relative to any Salemite, IMO.

I could see the character being Chloe's roommate or friend or something that comes back with her to Salem.

But then again, Kenny, do we know how much fan voting played into the final tally?

Because if the judges voting still counted more and they knew they were picking Ashlee they could have been writing the part for her since July or whenever it was that they stopped taping.
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