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I just saw the scene you all were referring to with Jimena in the death bed scene. She was rather good in that scene. I also liked her work during the drunk scenes, and the baby scenes. She plays emotion very well. She has that raw emotion that many current young daytime actors are missing. However, I just can't see Jimena on DAYS.

Ashlee, I could see on DAYS. I think she has the DAYS look and feel. I think she is a decent actress with a lot of room to grow and improve if given the chance.

I'm confused now. Does Ashlee start taping this Friday, or does she start airing this Friday?

Either way, I'm pretty sure that the writers create several characters when the final 3 or 4 are chosen to accomodate who's remaining. I remember back in the second season with Alec. He came onto the show as Del Henry. That was the role they had planned for him. If I remember correctly, there was another African American actor that was in the final 3 or 4 as well. What would they have done if he had won? That is why I'm sure they have several roles already created for the remaining contestants.

So yes, this could be an actual role that the show thought out, which could be Abe and Lexie's relative. It doesn't necessarily have to be a new character.
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