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After all... tomorrow is another day!

Oct 17 2007, 01:49 AM
Your right, IMA. He did follow the notes that pertained to him. He was told to be real and to not force it. Well, he chose to play it stoic and with some anger, that is if I remember correctly, and it came off one note and the judges reacted accordingly. I guess saying he didn't bring it was the wrong choice of words. It's probably better to say his approach was all wrong but the others' approaches weren't great either. Jimena was the only one who affected me really. Travis had been wildly inconsistent before that. The first week he was good, second week bad, third week good, and then this.

Thinking about this now and seeing it in recaps tonight, it reminded me of what we are watching play out on Days right now :(

Yeah. I thought about that saying goodbye to your dad scene when they aired clips from their performances during the show. Of course I was annoyed because I still haven't seen today's DOOL in full and won't until tomorrow thanks to the stupid finale screwing up the schedule.
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