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I disagree.

And maybe thatgs because i look at soaps from a bitter jaded young point of view. this is why...

Days,a nd all soaps, are NOT going to write for the vets. tahts just a given at this point, IMO. Even opld faves like Bo/Hope & John/Marlena just dont get written for on any soaps anymore. Therefor, i guess is disagree with this on a the best of a horaable situation POV. would i rather see sami brady on my screen 24/7 than some newbie? than belle? than chelsea and stephanie? yes iw ould rather see sami 24/7. as she is a char who has been on the show for what... 15 years now? and Alison Sweeney is by far one of the best actress' on daytime today and has earned her spot on the top of days. She has been the only good thing about this show in 10 years now.

Would i like more balance and to see other faves? in a heartbeat. but i just dont see it happening. I also dont think turning Days into the sami show is what will ruin it - but the writing for the sami show. at times it seems they try hard to show how far she has come and take her to the next leval only to stop and backtrack her the next day. The writing for this is horriable most of the time. I think they need a clear path to take Sami on. Either take her into adulthood and make her the good heroine who still does bad things sometimes or turn her back into evil selfish bitch sami. this "best of both worlds" thing isnt working for me.

This love triangle needs to come to a new direction. Make it clear that by the man Sami Brady choses she also choses the woman she becomes. Does she chose EJ, the bad guy who loves her for her wicked ways... or Lucas. The good boy who pushes her to become a better person? or does she fuck you both and walk away and make her life great on her own (that would be the best option, IMO, but will never happen).

But this goes beyond days. GH is the Jason show. AMC the Kendell show. B&B the Brooke show. Y&R the Phyliss show. ATWT the Carly show. It seems that writers seem to take fan faves with layers to the char and turn the entire show around and center it on them.

I am also sick of the entire networks are to blame for the end of soaps, or actors, or ep's, or anything other than who is to 100% blame - the lazy writers.

I for one hope a writers strike happens and we can somehow get some new fresh blood into daytime.
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