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After all... tomorrow is another day!

Thanks Jean and GatsbyGirl for the praise for the banner. I can't take credit it for it though. MadelineHawaii (who I think may be a member) made it over at Sony.

As for this episode...

OK so I finally got to see this whole thing.

I am one who didn't mind Stephanie and Max, but I think I could like Max and Morgan more. I just really like that actress so far.

Dee and Martha and Drake were just as fabulous in the episode as they were in the clips I had already seen. Oh they just break my hearts and Martha Madison gained a new fan of me from these scenes. She's so much more authentic in the portrayal of her character's grief than Alison Sweeney IMO. Whenever she popped up in the scenes she just took me out of the show and my sorrow over John.

Lucas and EJ being more concerned with their ongoing pissing contest than comforting Sami was just annoying. I am sick to death of this stupid tug of war over CryingJagSami. As if she's some great prize worth all of this crap.
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