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Jinxed Soul
Oct 17 2007, 11:36 AM
Oct 17 2007, 12:16 PM
Thank goodness they mention Carrie and Brady! Eric - blah. Haha. I wouldn't expect Eric to come back. Both twins were always brats to John.

VIVIAN!!!!! :wub:

I really don't want to spoil anything, but I just watched that episode right now. Those names were mentioned once and it was nothing extraordinary. Vivian's name is brought up for a nice reason.

Not expecting much but a mention is still better then nothing.

There comes a point when a character is not a priority for a show and they can't dwell on them. Case in point: Kimberly during the whole Brady's say good-bye scene. Not one mention. But it is ok because we got amazing things out of that scene. What wasn't ok was that no one mentioned Brady or Carrie in those scenes.

I'm glad that they've remembered to bring up John and Roman's kids. And Vivian! John is arguably the most important male character on DAYS' history. Possibly second to Mickey or Bill Horton. He's touched so many lives and been the father or possible father of so many of Salem's 4th and 5th generation. In all, it would be great if Greta was also mentioned and characters were brought back for his funeral. Characters (not on the show) that I'd expect if this were a real life funeral would include:

Vivian, Carrie, Eric, Brady, Greta, Lawrence, Carly, Frankie, Kimberly (and her children), Shane, Rex and Cassie, Susan & Edmond, Mrs. Faversham, Diane, Justin Kiriakis, Victor (supposedly going), Mickey, Laura, Jennifer & Jack, and possibly appearances from angel versions of Gabe and Isabella (although I wouldn't want to ruin it for J/M fans).
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