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(l to r:Holden and Lily,then and now: Jon Hensley and Martha Byrne. Dusty : Brian Bloom and Grayson McCouch)

Today,one of As the World Turns stories centers on Holden and Lily Snyder and their crumbling marriage.
For this column of As the World Spins I thought I'd take a look back at one of ATWT's signature couples.

Lily's first serious relationship was with Dusty Donovan,the young ward of John Dixon.She lost her virginity to him.
Holden came in to her life when he became the stableboy for the Walsh estate.
Holden resented the Walsh lifestyle and thought Lily to be a spoiled princess. He referred to her as ma'am, a term of contempt,not respect. Lily became fast friends with Emma,Holden's grandmother and Iva,Holden's sister.

A drifter by the name of Rod Landry came to town and befriended Lily. One day Iva came up on Lily and Rod horsing around and panicked ,screaming at Rod to leave Lily alone. A long-standing secret was revealed. It was revealed that Rod was Iva's cousin,Josh Snyder. Josh had raped Iva and made her pregnant. Lily was that child. Iva had wrongly assumed that Rod/Josh was attempting to do the same to Lily.
Lily ran away and was followed by Dusty and Holden who had now developed feelings for her. Dusty found her and when he called John Dixon to tell her she was ok she was upset by his betrayal and left again.Holden found her again,this time in Wyoming and their relationship blossomed in to love.

When they returnred all of Oakdale was abuzz about this new relationship. Emma calmed everyone's fears by revealing that both Iva and Josh were not blood Snyders and had both been adopted. Lucinda,didn't like Holden and was jealous of Lily's closeness to the Snyder family. She did everything to keep them apart.
Lucinda told Lily that Holden had known the truth about her parentage and kept it from her. A hurt Lily broke up with Holden and returned to the waiting arms of Dusty.

Dusty and Lily broke up when Dusty left Oakdale to go to college.
Holden became involved with Emily Stewart while Lily turned to Holden's brother Caleb.Emily and Holden didn't last long after he found out she had lied to him about being pregnant with his baby.
Lily was disgusted by Caleb's callous treatment of his old girlfriend,Angel Lange,who had lost his baby.Holden befriended Angel and she fell in love with him.Holden left town with Angel and returned to Oakdale married to her.
Lily became involved with Derek Mason. Derek and his father were after Lily's money and had set up a scheme to kill her. Derek fell in love with Lily and died while rescuing Lily from a bomb that Derek's father had set up. Holden and Angel eventually divorced and Lily and Holden remarried. The path back to Lily hit a roadblock: Holden's drunken one night stand with Julie Snyder and it had produced a son named Aaron!
When Holden went to NYC to confront Julie he was hit by a car,mugged and lost his memory.Holden's memory loss seemed to be permanent. Lily and Holden divorced. He turned to a young lady with a deaf child and Lily left town went to Europe.

While in Europe,Lily met and married Damian Grimaldi whose family had mafia-like connections.Damian and Lily returned home to be close to her family.Holden began to have flashes of his old life.He started to pusue Lily once again but she decided to stay with Damian.
Lily was kidnapped by a man with a grudge toward the Grimaldis.After Damian and Holden rescued her,she decided to give Damian another chance.Damian became very controlling of Lily and jealous of Holden.This pushed Lily in to Holden's arms and they made love.Lily became pregnant. Holden helped Lily give birth on the floor of the Snyder kitchen to a son,Luciano (Luke).When it was discovered that Damian was the father,Holden left town with Aaron to go to a special memory clinic in Maryland.

Lily was drugged by Damian's psychotic mother,Orlena who hated Lily. After Orlena fell to her death it was revealed that she was not Damian's mother,it was the mute housekeeper named Smythe.
Later,Damian was presumed dead in an airplane crash. Holden returned to town and after an accident got his memory back completely.By this time Lily had fallen for a gangster named Umberto Malzone who was going by the name of Diego Santanna.It was discovered that Umberto/Diego had caused the plane crash that killed Damian.Umberto/Diego was killed and Lily was wrongly convicted for the crime.

While in prison,Lily befriended Molly Conlan.She was revealed to be Holden's teenage lover. Molly Conlan revealed that Holden was the father of a girl(Abigail) that she gave up for adoption.
Molly tried to drive Holden and Lily apart but failed.
Damian was discovered alive but Lily chose to stay with Holden.Damian left town and went bck to Europe.

Holden and Lily remarried and Lily became pregnant with a daughter,Faith. Their happiness was short lived when David Stenbeck kidnapped Lily's baby to raise as his own. After they found their baby,Holden and Lily thought they could be happy. Unknown to them,David had switched babies and the child they thought was theirs,wasn't.
They soon discovered that the presumed dead David was raising their baby and got Faith back

Holden and Lily had more trouble after he went to work at WOAK and Katie Peretti set her sights on him.A drifter named Simon Frasier befriended Lily.Simon was using Lily to find a family heirloom,a diamond that was worth millions. When Lily found a picture in Simon's posession of a woman who looked like her that lead her to Atlantic City and a showgirl named Rose D'Angelo. Rose assumed Lily's identity and came to Oakdale to take her place.Lily took off with Simon in search of the diamond.
Holden discovered Rose was masquerading as Lily. When he believed Lily to be having an affair with Simon,he turned to Rose.
Lily and Holden reunited when they realized they could never love anyone else.

Damian returned and kidnapped Luke. When Holden went after Luke ,an explosion on a boat made people think that Luke and Holden were dead.Dante,Damian's half brother had imprisoned them to get at the Grimaldi fortune.
In the end they were rescued. Damian realized it was best for Luke to remain with Holden and Holden adopted him.Holden and Lily's marriage was made stronger by the birth of their daughter Natalie on Christmas day.

Their happiness didn't last long when Rose was murdered. Lily started to dress like Rose and take on her mannerisms.Shee was so distraught she tried to commit suicide.
Eventually,Lily came to accept Rose's death.Holden at this time was helping his amnesiac cousin,Jack and soon had an affair with Julia Larrabee,the woman Jack had been with.
Julia was murdered and the suspect was her brother who Lily had became involved with.The real murderer was Julia's ex husband.
Eventually Holden and Lily once again found their way back to each other. Then Jade Taylor,Rose's illegitamte daughter came to town and caused moire trouble.
Luke ,now a teenager came out of the closet. Holdencame to accept this while Lily had trouble with it.
Damian returned to town and attempted to ship Luke to a clinic that "reprograms" gay people.Lily found out and tried to tell that to Luke. They were on the stairs and Luke pushed her and caused her to fall down the stairs.Lily was in a coma for months.She gave birth to a son,Ethan while in that coma.
When Lily recovered,she came to accept Luke but her marriage to Holden hasn't been the same. Lily is once again turning to her old lover Dusty by helping him out with his legal problems. This is causing Holden to have trust issues with her. He has told her that it might be better if they divorced?

Can Holden and Lily survive this latest crisis? Will Lily have an affair with Dusty? Will Holden meet someone else and go through a divorce? It all remains to be seen As the World Spins,er,Turns!

This column comes from my recollections and websites such as SoapCentral and Wikipedia and other sources
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