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After all... tomorrow is another day!

LOL at Morgan busting Stephanie for her spying on her date with Max. Oh I flove her! Grrrrrr at another rape storyline from this show that will undoubtedly be screwed up and will involve even more violence against and victimization of women on this show. Where is the romance?

Nick and Artemis and Demarquette and Jeremy... wow I actually missed them. And MAGGIE! OMG Maggie! I just wish we had got more Maggie-Jeremy interaction before this episode. Good luck in your career, Trevor Donovan.

Bo's speech about being brothers broke my heart, as did John's joke about Bo getting in time with his wife, as did Hope's reaction to everything, as did Kate's interaction with John as did Marlena's joke about Kate being the one to wake him up and him saying it takes Marlena to keep him. Oh the hurt just keeps on coming.

Why was Bo flashing back to what happened before John got shot before he stuck Stefano with the needle? The storylines triggered by the Dec. 29 episode were obnoxious enough the first time and killed ratings once already. Why exactly did TPTB think we needed to relive them?

Stefano's line about Chelsea's driving? Oh SNAP! Normally I come down on the DiMera side when the Bradys break the law to attack them, but after that line I was definitely OK with Bo sticking a needle in Stefano.

LOVED the lighting with everything dark except Marlena's face as she was telling him to close his eyes and rest. "Yeah. I'm gonna miss you." HEARTBREAKING. "You are the great love of my life" OH this hurts!

Dammit why are Bo and Hope and Steve and Kayla and Lucas and Sami there watching this?! Belle being there makes sense but the rest should be gone. "daddy" Oh Martha I wish I could hug you.

As someone who could care less about Lucas and Sami's pain over their marriage breaking up but is HUGELY DEPRESSED over John's death I am soooooo angry that the episode where John dies ends with Lumi angst and just the way they have weaved this into this storyline. So this is how the feud resolution is "very costly" for Sami? She has to divorce the husband to whom she lies about the intimate moments she shares with EJ and marry him because of the death of the step-dad whom she hated from like the time she was 15 until an episode before he slipped into a coma 10 months ago? They killed John Black for Lumi angst? Seriously?!? They can't mention Brady or Eric or Carrie once as they count down the minutes until John leaves them yet they have to keep throwing this crap about oh no Sami has to divorce Lucas because John died in our faces?! Unbelievable. Marlena is losing her soul mate and Belle is losing her dad, yet the show ends with SAMI's pain over losing her crappy marriage to Lucas, as if her suffering is anywhere near equivalent to theirs. Oh I could spit nails I am so livid.

Lucas was an idiot for taking her back on the rebound when they never worked in the past and Sami, I have no sympathy for you, when us viewers have got to see you sharing intimate moments with EJ and lying to Lucas about them... oh and now you whine about this is all your fault? Funny... where were your tears when John getting hooked on drugs was actually your fault?!?! Sami just comes across so phony crying over John. And not just because of the past, but because the last time John was seriously hurt, Sami's fears about Lucas dumping her took precedence over her actually coming forward with information that may have helped them catch his shooter. Ugh. It's so maddening.

Thanks for making me hate Sami Brady, Hogan. Really appreciate that.
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