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Oct 17 2007, 02:12 PM
Alright, when Morgan said she thought it was weird when she saw Steph spying outside of Brady pub, why didn't she say that's my grandparents?!
Stupid writers, I would hate for you to acknowledge that Max and Steph are FAMILY!

Annoying, isn't it? Yesterday was worse--Max was telling Morgan about all the trashy girls he used to bring home and Morgan made a comment something like "Stephanie must have been a breath of fresh air"---like Max's parents didn't know Stephanie until she started dating Max! Very weird.

Today was a heartbreaker. Marlena's last line to John..."I'll see you in forever"...I think that's going to haunt me. All the good-byes were extremely sad but that last scene with everything dark except for Marlena's face was just perfect. The acting, the lighting, the dialogue...perfection.

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