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I could not stop crying. It was the most realistic death scene I have seen on TV (or in a movie, for that matter) in a very long time. I was so moved by how John was trying to get out each breath so that he could spend more time with Marlena and his friends and family, and how Marlena gave her final gift to him by telling him that it was ok to let go.

Everyone in that hospital room hit it out of the park. Deidre, Drake and Martha were amazing. The way everyone was crying was so powerful. Deidre told SOD that the crew had to look away, and now I see why.

The dialogue was also incredible, specifically Deidre's lines.... how said he'd be waiting for her, with arms open. And the way Deidre's tears were falling as she said it... she could barely get the lines out.

I was, however, appalled that the show ended on Sami and that silly annulment. What a shock to go from the draining hospital room scene to that.

And I am so sad that all of this superb acting, writing and direction seems to have to come at the expense of the life of John Black.
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