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Geez the episode ended for me about 15 minutes ago and i'm still a mess..Great episode today, i really enjoyed the whole thing....It was nice to see Maggie, i might even miss Jeremy about (but i'm glad he's leaving)...The sorority scenes were pretty good, but i think this stephanie/max/morgan stuff should have waited till next week...

The hospital scenes were beautifully done..I teared up when bo said his goodbyes..and i loved that they included Kate and let her say goodbye..Marlena's goodbye at the end was heartbreaking..and you could tell those were real tears from MBE, SN, and KA..

Its just so great to actually feel something with Days for a change, instead of just watching it out of habit...I do hate that we are losing John to get all this raw emotion..But i really blame JER...He is the one who turned death into a joke with Days....Over the past few years there have been so many fake deaths, its just ridiculous..Why tune in for these bombs and shootings when you know the person will be okay the next week????? I think Ed Scott wanted to fix that, and prove that they can and will kill characters off and it will be for real...And John just happened to be the one to prove that point...
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