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Buh-Bye Tan of Our Lives

Uncle Jonny
Oct 17 2007, 09:00 PM
I watched tomorrow's episode and I agree, this episode was fantastic.

The show was so true to history and was so loyal and respectful the character of John Black that I just sat in awe as the episode unfolded.

There was so much in this episode that no recap will ever grab it all.

DO NOT MISS THE FIRST 2 MINUTES. Seriously, this might just be the best 2 minutes of the history of DAYS. It starts off back in 1991 or whenever Marlena returned. It is here on the pier with Roman(John, played by Drake) and their famous peir reunion. The music is beautiful. Unbelievable, really. I'm not sure I've ever heard this score on DAYS before. The scene makes this amazingly sad and nearly devestating transition to Marlena in the current day in the same spot on the same set. She's alone and wanting nothing more for John to reach out to her again.

We learn that Marlena did not go home last night. She went to find answers and that lead her to the peir. Roman comes around the corner and Marlena is heartbroken. It sinks in, John's gone. Roman tells her that Maggie and he were out looking for her all night and that the whole family is worried about her. They are at the pub preparing for the wake. This scene should be posted on youtube and watched 5 million times.

At the pub, the entire family is there, including Abe, Lexie and Celeste. Stephanie and Abe have a very interesting interaction. Steve and Kayla meanwhile go over the course of events the brought them to this. Doug and Julie are there and they all discuss how strong Caroline is acting but how worried they are about Shawn. Lucas goes outside for some air and is stunned to see EJ show up. They get into a fight and Doug, Abe and Steve call come out to back Lucas up. EJ says he was there to pay his respects and they tell him to get lost. The combo of Doug, Steve, Abe and Lucas all fighting and swearing at EJ is unreal to watch.

Chelsea explains to Jett that Nick is watching all the kids and that he didn't know John that well anyway. Belle, Sami and Shawn explain where Eric and Brady are - not here.

At the church, Hope and Bo are shocked to see the amazing funeral set up. They learn from the priest that Vivian set it up. She won't be coming to the funeral because she's "not welcome back in Salem."

Meanwhile, Tony shows up at Stephano's room with a bottle of champaign and offers to give it to Stpehano since he was originally going to drink with J/M. Stephano doesn't think it is funny. Anna shows up and takes Tony away to the funeral. Before she leaves she tells Stephano she can't believe she ever felt sorry for him and says he will get what he deserves. Foreshadowing?

At the funeral, a procession of amazing words are spoken about John. There is no way to pick the best moment but I think it goes to Sami's eugoly about her relationship with John. Caroline, Roman, Victor and Abe all have flashbacks about John (with no words) and everyone speaks directly to the coffin. Victor's return is especially brilliant and done in a very dramatic fashion. Roman later explains their unique history in a way that makes Roman both complex and the hero he once was.

As Marlena takes the podium she can't think of enough things to say about her true love. Just then, Stephano arrives and the show fades out.

This show deserves a 100 out of 10. There is no surpassing this episode. I've never seen anything like it.

Outstanding supporting performances by people like Shawn Sr. There is a great scene after Victor interupts the funeral where Shawn Sr. stands up and shakes Victor's hand. Caroline nearly loses it. Bo is in shock. I was blown away!!!

Characters like Billie, Phillip and Stephanie hardly say anything in this episode (Phil and Billie don't) but they are there and they perform perfectly. No joke, they did exactly what an actor is supposed to do in a situation like this and they nailed it.

But the three stars go to the dialogue writer, director and Dee Hall.

Especially the director who took so many amazing scenes and put them together perfectly. All the right people and the reactions are shown during everyone's speech. There is one scene that looks like cinema. Near the middle, the camera pans across the front row, by Lucas, Sami, Marlena, Belle and then Shawn-D. It holds on them in that row. It is like a portrait of sadness as Marlena is flanked by her daughters and their loved-ones. Marlena is so alone.

There are over a hundred illusions to past stories, past relationships, old rivalries and buried feelings. In the end, John is perfectly respected by all that happens in this episode.

Oh ya, and Bo and Hope have a great exchange about Vivian where Hope says "Vivian Alimain. That's a name I haven't heard in a while. I almost forgot all about her". Bo says something like, "well I guess she could never forget someone like John." Such respect is paid to history in this dialogue and to John/Drake.


:clap: :clap:

You eloquently summed up exactly how I felt about this episode!
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