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^ My face watching DAYS

Was just over at Goldderby listening to the response from people there (trust me we have some SERIOUS DAYS skeptics over there, a good portion of these posters think they are the end all be all of deciding WHAT in daytime is truly emmy worthy :bs: ). Anyways here is what a poster named MARKPGH (the name really says it all IMO) about today's episode:

OK....watched John's deathbed scene today.

For DAYS, this was a great episode. Hall, Madison and Sweeney were great.

But as a whole, the eppy lacked Emmy gold.

Yes, the "teen scene" was a waste of valuable airtime. The hospital set was so dark and dreary lookin....they could have used more lighting...more monitors. And the dialogue was juvenile, IMO.

Hope telling John..."You need to get better so you can help us find the perp."....Who in the hell wrote this garbage??

But, for DAYS, this was a good outing.

And let's face it, when you compare this deathbed scene to Cassie's on Y&R, well.....there really is no comparison. THAT deathbed scene set the "gold standard" in daytime.

As for Hall...she was great, but i wouldn't count her in the Emmy race yet. I have a feeling her best work is to follow.


I love how he says "But for DAYS, this was a good outing", ugh puhleeze the snobbery in that line alone is vomit inducing!

There are some people there who TRULY cannot get over their DAYS snobbery.

Many posters over there do feel that the show is doing a good job though and that this material is emmy worthy.

I think I may finally sign up over there and let them have a piece of my mind!
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