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Erika Slezak's Viki is back on OLTL, and she is finally getting a major story. Turns out she's been working as a waitress in Paris, Texas and making new friends: Moe, Noelle, Gigi and Charlie. "We pick up on Viki when she's been there two months," explains Slezak. "Charlie shows up in the diner [on Oct 25] a couple of months after Viki's been there. She tries to talk him into the special. They start a friendly conversation and he says he's looking for his lost son. They obviously have a very good relationship."

Slezak is having a ball with Charlie's portrayer, Brian Kerwin, [She prefers leading men whose names rhyme with Derwin.] "He's handsome. He's delightful. He's a wonderful actor,' she raves. "I really look forward to this because the relationship, as it develops, gets a little complicated." Look for other characters besides Charlie to have ties to a Llanview resident. "The reading of Asa's will brings everybody down to the ranch," hints Slezak. "Half the town of Llanview will end up in Paris, Texas!"

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