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I have thought for months that something is off with Roman and that continued today. Every time I convince myself that it's nothing and I'm just imagining things, I get more fuel for my conspiracy theory--like today.

The best DAYS funeral ever! Although I kept wondering if anyone had checked to make sure there really is a body in that casket. The eulogies were all touching and I cried through every single one, but Victor was especially awesome. I miss him! He's so powerful and commanding, and we need a bad guy other than Stefano. Belle broke my heart...again. And Marlena--so strong, so dignified, and yet so tragic. Can't wait to see her with Stefano tomorrow.

I'm very nostalgic for Vivian after the mention of her today. Would love to see her blow back into town! I'm glad they acknowledged Brady, Eric and Carrie, too.

This was a beautiful, haunting, emotional episode--daytime drama at its finest. What a great week for DAYS! However, so sad for John Black...I will miss him and still can't believe he's really gone. I'm like Sami--I thought he was invincible.

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