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I finally watched Today episode.After seeing Yesterdays's and Tues show I can say with confident it is the best I seen days since B&H gave up JT.There was stuff here and there that have made me cry that I couldn't simply watch but it was to much.I was very moved by Caroline and Marlena today.I thought everyone involved was amazing.I thought Leann in particular was fantastic in her speech about how he took care of Carrie and how much he meant to her.

The one person in the last 3 days that has moved me consistently has surprisingly has been Belle.Martha has done a tremendous job displaying Belle's heartache her pain even without crying.It was the simple thing like putting her hand over her mouth.Laying her head on John trying to keep her compusure(sp?)when she walked into the church her trying really hard not to cry but not being able to.She has stolen the show the last 3 days.Its really sad that they waste her talent on that drivel Shelle/Phelle/Belle endless flip flopping because she is really great.
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