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I know I am late to the party, which is weird for me considering I love this show, but I had some stuff going on.

Anyway, this episode was AMAZING!!

I loved seeing Maggie again and I think her scenes with Jeremy and Nick was a nice choice to balance things out with John's death. Suzanne looked great and I am shocked by how far along Trevor Donovon has come. I am glad he is gone though. I did enjoy his relationship with the kids and his friendship with Nick. His last scene where he went to go check on Stephanie was actually kind of sad.

Stephanie/Morgan was fun. I could enjoy a rivalry between these two. I like both actresses and I am glad Days finally introduced a good young female character that has no relations to anyone. They needed that IMO. Nice seeing Billie too. Jett needs to get lost. I want diversity but what a waste. I am intrigued by this rape story though. I see major potential here and if it gives Billie a story, I'm down for it.

Now, onto the big stuff, loved seeing all the supercouples in one room. The little things like Bo and John's arms around each other, Kayla trying to make John comfortable, Steve comforting Marlena...they just make such a difference. Peter Reckell does not get enough credit. He was brilliant in his scenes with John and while alone. I am glad they brought up the night of the shooting. Bo's guilt was heart wrenching. Enjoyed his scenes with Stefano too but something is so up with Roman. He was in the hospital and all of a sudden he shows up while Bo is questioning Stefano and he came off like a protector of Stefano's. It was odd as hell.

KA broke my heart. You can tell she took Drake's leaving hard. I know the show should've ended on J&M but BD and AS rocked that last scene. It was just poorly placed. I also was so happy Kate said goodbye to John. His saying she could never fail him and then Marlena joking it took Kate to wake him up with John saying she is the one that keeps him up was so funny yet fit in with the mood.

That final scene was one of the best goodbyes ever. Seeing everyone crying as Marlena said goodbye. The lighting, writing...everything. Deidre Hall was superb and I would hand her the emmy right now. It was hysterics or over the top. It was real and raw and the performance of the year IMO. I was in tears watching this and I have seen so many Days deaths. This reminded me so much of Steve's but this one had so much more punch for me. When he flatlined, I lost it. I have been hard on Drake but he gave it his all at the end. Him and Dee were great. Everyone was.

Just superb. I have no more words to explain it. Lovely work.
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