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Today was SUPERB. For me, this was the best episode of any soap opera this year and was Days' best episode in over a decade, if not longer. This was one of the best soap funerals ever, if not the best.

I always appreciate the little things and was so happy of the mentions of Vivian (fitting her paying for the funeral and the line about her feeling not welcome in Salem was very poignant considering how Louise Sorel left the show very displeased), Eric, Carrie (via Anna), and Brady (nicely done with him trying to make it and failing). Having Victor show up was a nice touch, as was seeing little moments like Philip comforting Belle but also reaching out and touching Shawn's shoulder, Bo and Caroline's reactions to Victor and Shawn Sr shaking hands, etc. The decision to open with the pier scene, one of the best moments ever, was excellent. Nice way to show fans that this was a special episode. Loved the Pub scenes and everyone sitting around and talking about John. Sami's line to EJ about the day not being about them was like a shoutout to fans upset over the show pushing their story. I did enjoy Lucas punching EJ and the EJ/Kate scenes at the end were powerful. Not sure if EJ was lying about not shooting John. That was weird. Tony/Stefano was good too and I loved Anna telling Stefano he is getting what he deserves. I also felt Celeste's line could've been a clue or something with "his soul being restless." It just stuck out to me, like some lines during the SSK story.

Add me to the list of people thinking it's Roman. I already pointed out some of the hints we saw in yesterday's episode but his smugness today and the way his mannerisms were hinted to me he could be involved. I also noticed JT looks kind of bad. He was pale and it looked like he was talking funny. I don't know if it was an acting choice or something but something is way off about Roman. His eulogy reeked of smugness.

The eulogies were fantastic and seeing the flashbacks fit in with voiceovers was a wonderful directing choice. Katherine Foster is such a fine addition. Peggy McKay, John Aniston, and Leann Hunley were great and the others played their supporting roles well. Martha Madison, Alison Sweeney, and Kristian Alfonso were utterly amazing. Kristian seemed like she was displaying her real life pain over losing a co-star and she just hit me hard. When Bo ran up to get her, I fell apart. Ali Sweeney has not been on everyone else's level this week but today she hit it out of the park with her speech. I knew hers would hit me because of her relationship with John and it did. Of course, then there is Dee who was amazing!! The way she struggled to pull herself together at the beginning and then became a pillar of strength when she got to the funeral was in character and fantastically played. Dee Hall has proven all the naysayers wrong this week and what an ending with Stefano. Good cliffhanger.

I have never cried this much watching anything. It's always hard to make me but this week has been a tour de force of moments and today was a masterpiece from start to finish. Seeing pretty much everyone together and the whole episode being a tribute to one of the show's most beloved characters was enough to make me watch but the way it was handled made this a keeper and would be an emmy winning episode for any other show. Sadly, not for this one but I hope Days is rewarded in the ratings because this is drama at it's finest.

Can't wait for what should be a great way to end the week tomorrow.
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