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After all... tomorrow is another day!

Oh Deidre Hall. Why must you persist on breaking my heart into a million pieces day after day by making Marlena's grief so real, so palpable and so visceral? Mind you, I am perfectly OK with handing over my heart for you to break it whenever you want to bring Emmy-caliber performances like this, but I do think if you keep this up I will have to start buying Kleenex in bulk. Just so you know.

Seriously, I can't be the only one who watched Marlena rocking in that chair in her grief and just wanted to reach out and hug her. I just can't.

Also, again REALLY impressed with what Martha brought to this and the way that Belle was trying so hard to be strong for her mom. These two are just so natural and beautiful together as mother and daughter. Too bad CryingJagSami had to show up at the end and cut off whatever beautiful thing Marlena was about to tell Belle in her profound grief as Sami was definitely not a welcome sight in that scene, although the three of them in bed together at the end was kind of cute.

BTW, I remember when the spoilers about this scene came out Kenny posed a question of whether viewers would be watching her room to see what it was like more than paying attention to Marlena's grief. While because of that post I thought about it for a second as she opened the door to her room, it didn't take Dee very long AT ALL to upstage that set, as beautiful and lush as I thought it was and as much as I loved that glorious headboard and gold sheets (were those THE Jarlena sheets?). All the details with the book open setting Marlena off and her sniffing his jacket and reaching out for John in the bed and talking about her experience counseling grief as a psychiatrist and the specificity of her sadness of never hearing John call her Doc again... oh it was just top notch all around.

I also liked Tony and Lexie reconnecting, I liked Stefano doing some reminiscing although as cool as it was seeing Marlena tell him to get out, it was kind of odd how just like yesterday when EJ was told to GET OUT of the pub the next scene had him inside the pub alone, just like when Stefano was told to GET OUT of the church the next scene had him inside the church alone. Not that I don't doubt that the DiMeras are a persistent lot but that is a continuity break for me.

I do have to blow the whistle however on quite possibly the most ridiculous moment in Salem PD history that takes place during this episode. I get that DOOL is having issues with not having the money to have multiple sets going at the same time, but I find the idea of Bo, Roman and Abe sitting in the Brady Pub for John's wake as they down beers and wear latex gloves while processing the broken taillight to be about the most ridiculous thing I can ever remember the Salem PD doing. I know that Salem lacks a courtroom set so really it wouldn't make a difference that any evidence processed in such a manner would never ever ever be inadmissible in the court of law, but this is just getting out of control. It was ridiculous enough they let Bo be the officer to question his dad when OMB was found with a dead Andre DiMera but now this...? Ugh. Everything else was so great, couldn't they have just let the police work go a day and have them all really just mourn John and not make me groan seeing them swill sips of booze between picking at pieces of evidence?

I'll probably say more tomorrow when I see the whole show, but for now that's all I've got to say other than I really was happy to see all the flashbacks we got. One thing I thought was kind of odd though was during one of the Jarlena flashbacks where they were whitewater rafting I distinctly heard them playing the Santeen theme, not the flute one they used for Santo and Colleen and also EJ and Sami last week, but a piano version of it. Probably means nothing, but just... interesting.
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