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During the J&M montage today, I love how it starts out with hearing the rain falling and hitting the windows outside, then we fade to the montage and the music takes over, then as we fade back to Marlena, the sound of the pouring rain comes back and it fades away with no music... just the sound of rain hitting the windows.

It's so effective! This is a perfect, stellar example of "less is more." Sometimes you just don't NEED music playing over the scene in order for the viewer to realize that it's sad and for that emotion to be evoked.

OH! And I just watched a clip of the Dee/Drake/Thaao interview in Australia, and when asked about Marlena seeking revenge for John's death, Dee says, "everything is fine, just stay with us."

What does that mean?!

On one hand, I want John to be alive. But on the other hand, how can people ever take death seriously on this show when it's never a permanent thing?! Days should really figure out how to generate story without every situation being that of life-and-death. There are many other creative avenues to explore.
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