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John is so alive.

I've been trying to think about this rationally and trying to take the most non-soap viewer-y approach to this.

Why would I soap - that is KNOWN for its agonizing pace - hit, say goodbye, kill, and bury a 25 year vet in four episodes? It's weird. It doesn't make ANY sense.

DAYS has been known for killing people off and bringing them back for years so they really have to up the ante now when they want people to "die." That's why with the SSK, they had people's "ghosts" appear and they gave Jack's organs away. They need to really drive home the fact that these people are dead and iron out any possible doubt that they could be be alive. I think John is alive, and I think they killed Bart, Benjy, and Andre for this whole purpose so they could say - See? People do stay dead in Salem. But John isn't one of them.

If we knew right now and this whole week that Drake wasn't really going anywhere, I don't think I would have cried. I don't think a lot of people would because you know he'll be back. It's the not knowing if we'll ever see Drake again that really kills you while watching these episodes this week.

I think also this is Ed Scott's way of getting people to tune in and see that the show is different now and will be a real soap now, and he had to take drastic action to get people to watch and see that the show is a real soap again. IMO, he is hoping people get hooked this week, stay with it, and bring John back in early '08. (I hope.)

This can also budgetary because even thought it is a dick thing to do, it's also a great strategy to get Drake to take a paycut and re-sign. I know people say he would have taken one anyway, but who knows. Maybe the show wanted to drive it home to be sure.

I was thinking while trying to be as detached from all of the inside crap we know, and I came up with - John Black is not dead. LOL. I hope it's true!
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