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After all... tomorrow is another day!

As sad as I am over Drake's firing/John's death I hope he STAYS DEAD. Because I really don't know if I can handle having cried BUCKETS over his death like a moron thinking he was really dead only to find out he's still alive. That will feel like the ultimate betrayal to me. I mean yeah in that moment I would be like oh I'm so happy John and Marlena are reunited. Then the next episode I would be like... now what? And so would the writers. And John and Marlena would just go back on the backburner.



Just saw this. Damn.

If Drake comes back I will never believe a death on this show ever. Even if Deidre Hall died in real life I wouldn't believe that Marlena was really dead.

Although the idea of Ken Corday coming back to LA afraid for his life because everyone is so pissed at him for the fuckup of trying to get rid of Drake is kind of amusing. LOL.
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