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I thought I was done crying this week, but today was the worst yet for me. Marlena coming home to that empty bedroom, with John's shirt over the chair, the rumpled bed, his cup and book on the nightstand, the rain falling outside...I think my heart is in about a billion pieces right now. Deidre was flawless. And her conversation with Belle about grief and how she had counseled people in the past without fully understanding what it was like--that was so real and heartfelt. I'm very proud of DAYS for dealing with death in a way that is so true to reality and not making it melodramatic and over the top.

I loved the story Marlena told Belle about John at the French bakery, pretending to speak French and she pretended not to know him. Very cute and sweet and I can easily visualize it as they often had playful little scenes like that. I also liked Shawn's toast to his "Johnny, a true Brady if there ever was one", which has me thinking about my Colleen theory again. The flashbacks were wonderful, especially since a lot of viewers may not have seen them the first time around.

I liked having Stefano at the church after the Bradys left, placing the pawn beside John's picture. A nice touch of respect from the man who manipulated him for so many years, only to discover all the mind control and implanted chips in the world can't defeat a hero.

I'm torn about the "is John really dead" debate. Part of me would love to have him back because he's been such a huge and important part of the show for over 20 years. However, this week has been so amazing, with so much pain and grief and emotion that if John isn't really dead, it takes away the impact of this wonderful, amazing week. So I don't know.... I will say this, though, regarding the fan response to John's death--I'm glad that NBC, Sony and all TPTB have received a strong reminder of how passionately devoted DAYS fans are. Ratings are not a true measure of a show's success. (As CBS learned from their Jericho fans.)

I liked that Bo, during his conversation with Shawn, mentioned that John died in a hit and run, just like Zack. I'm curious as to why, ever since he decided to join the Salem PD, we're getting so much ominous talk about Shawn getting hurt and how Hope couldn't lose another son. I can't believe DAYS would kill off another character so soon, but it does seem like some catastrophe may be in Shawn's future. Or maybe he will change his career plans again.

DAYS needs to do a crossover with CSI so they don't have to conduct their accident investigations at the Brady Pub.
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