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As the World Turns/Jean Passanante-D+: Okay. I'm very, very, very anti-Passanante. I will simply never forgive her for what I had to sit and watch on AMC. However every now and then something good happens on ATWT and it proves to be watchable. I still resent her though, and I am waiting for the other shoe to fall.

Days of Our Lives/Hogan Sheffer-B: Okay today it's a B minus, tomorrow it might be a C minus. It's best to point out Hogan's faults here: First of all pacing. It's terrible at times. Second of all I would say that 90% of his storylines were good or at least started out good. I honestly don't think he tells bad stories, it's how they are executed that puts a sour taste in the viewers mouth. Another problem is consistancy, his weakness in balancing (it's become as bad as GH, only that we don't have dark mob stories), and his ability to have things happen off screen. Despite all of that there's still some winners. When Hogan is good, he's EXCELLENT.

The Young and the Restless/Lynn Marie Latham-F-: She's taken a soap that stood out from the rest and has made it blend in with countless others by having the show resort to gimmicks, plot driven tales, and boring episodes.

Guiding Light/David Kreizman-F-: Plot, plot, plot. It's all that the show seems to be about these days. He is almost as bad as Ellen Weston...almost. Here are some of my complaints about the show: The constant pimping and propping of Josh and Cassie. The fact that we have Jeffrey, Rafe, Daisy, and Ava on the canvas. He's fumbled countless issues that should have been handled seriously, but in the end he 's treated them like a mere plot point. I mean issues like breast cancer, abortion, rape, brain injury, the list goes on. It's ridiculous. Moving on, last but not least David has destroyed the every single character on GL in some kind of way. Most importantly to me, since I am a avid Alexandra Spaulding fan since the days of Beverlee McKinsey, he's destoryed the character of Alex by turning her into a desperate and pathetic woman who has school girl crush on some Australian con artist. I don't even recognize the show sometimes. Congrats to DK for achieving the one thing Douglas Anderson, Megan McTavish, B&E, Lloyd Gold, Christopher Dunn, and Ellen Weston could not make me do; quit watching the show.

One Life to Live/Ron Carvilati-B+: OLTL is the only soap next to DAYS that is trying to embody everything that a soap should and could be. Vets, intreguing stories and episodes, good scripts penned by Carolyn Culliton. OLTL is filled with all bunch of soapy goodness. If anything OLTL deserves to be ABC's #1 soap.

General Hospital/Bob Guza-D+:Somedays this show really surprises me by entertaining me a day or two. The show has hit gold where Tracy and Luke are concerned. When the Quatermaines are shown I am instantly glued to my screen. I'm liking Johnny and I am finding Robin's quest to find a sperm donor interesting. Nikolas's new storyline is a good one also. Much of the recurring cast, when shown, are more interesting than some of the cast that is shown. Despite all of that good stuff, I still find myself disenchanted or changing the channel when Sonny, Carly, Elizabeth, and Jason are on. The propping of the mob and the ignorance among much of it's characters that this line of business is dangerous, illegal, and simply without morals sickens me to the very core. Another complaint is that there is also a lack of vets.
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